13 - Tattergloom Hall

In which a Collector's paranoia is indeed hazardous, the gloom of a hall proves more than poetics, and there are unexpected guests to dinner.

The Trade Union continues to muse over the potential places that the Locksmith might be engaged. Though some discussion of investigating the Gaol is raised, ultimately the emphasis returns to the potentially deceased Collector Inendo Pax, and the whys and wherefores of how a centerpiece of her collection may have wound up in the Underlevels. Research reveals a few interesting notes:

- Inendo Pax was formerly of House Magenta, but left their ranks to become a Collector some 40ish years back for unknown reasons

- She contracted Savatine Fell, a trapsmith of some repute, to provide security for Tattergloom Hall

- Fell himself vanished 4 years ago, along with the hired Battleman Barhook, on an errand to explore the Clock Tower

- Fell’s daughter apparently continues her father’s trade.

With this information in hand, the Union goes to call on Inendo Pax in Tattergloom Hall. The outer fence has been hung with black cloths here and there, and the courtyard gardens are much in neglect. Hinge notices the signs of the first of Fell’s traps on the front porch, which Peluma is able to bypass. Nobody answers the door, so they proceed in.

In the foyer, several shadowy figures ambush the group: more of the umbral entities that had also been hunting Norkin. The group slays several, but a sniper escapes through one hall and fetches reinforcements. The running battle takes them through almost half of the ground floor, each side doing their best to use the architecture to their advantage. Triumphant at last, the Union discovers that the umbrals have been camping in the Tattergloom solarium, and there are signs of other shadow-entities as yet unmet.

Determined to root out the last of these darkness-creepers, the group investigates the other wing of the first floor. In the capacious dining room, an entirely unexpected group waits: four dwarves from Outside, who have clearly been camping here and are no friends of the city. A short bit of strained diplomacy reveals only that these outsiders are but an advance group, and that their people have been promised the Forges by their Tanglestone contact (deemed to be almost certainly the Locksmith), before tempers fray too far and battle is joined. The dwarves are unequal to the task, though, and their spike-armored leader becomes the Union’s captive. All too aware that there are enemies still unaccounted for, the group binds their wounds in the dining room before they press on.



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