Fireboss Bramadda Bellowsmelt

The massive, coal-skinned, red-haired, firebreathing overseer of the Forges.


Bramadda Bellowsmelt is a dwarf only technically. Standing 6 feet 5 inches, with coal-colored skin and fiery red hair, she seems to have the volcanic blood of giants running in her veins. She is immensely strong, and can even breathe out fire when her internal furnace is running high; she frequently tempers the metal she hammers with gouts of her own fire as she works. The Fireboss is a formidable opponent even when she fights in her blacksmithing apron with hammer and tongs. When particular trouble is at hand, be it disciplining rebels in the Forges or dealing with an outside threat, she dons armor she forged herself and lays her foes flat.


Bramadda Bellowsmelt has been Fireboss of the Forges for over a century. She was apparently a foundling, or at least no dwarf of the Forges has claimed relation to her. Her remarkable strength helped her advance quickly, but far more impressive was her intuitive ability to master the various methods of forgework. She was made Fireboss not long after completing her journeymanship, and has run the Forges efficiently since. Bellowsmelt is unmarried; either no man in the Forges has considered himself equal to the task of courting her, or she has found no man she’d consider a romantic equal.

Fireboss Bramadda Bellowsmelt

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