Kapta Visored

The dour, pragmatic watch-commander of the Battlemen's northern chapterhouse.


Kapta Visored is a woman in her mid-30s, with skin a dark stony tan and black hair that shows a faint granite-grey at its tips. She wears a scaly metal vest, said to be fashioned from the hide of some steel-jacketed beast, over red and gray garments marked with the Battlemen’s crenels. Her right arm is protected by ornate bronze-colored armor, and her helm bears a visor fashioned to look like a portcullis. She stands an inch or two short of six feet, and has enough presence to stand out even next to larger and more intimidating Battlemen such as Hinge. Her favored weapons are a saw-toothed glaive with peculiar grooving, a custom-made flail with crenel-shaped “teeth,” and a long dueling knife that matches the plate on her right arm.


The northern chapter-house’s commander was born into the Battlemen, and given the traditional guild-clan name of “Kapta.” She proved to have inherited much of her parent’s physical ability and focus, and earned a position of command while still relatively young.

Kapta is serious in demeanor, but avoids falling too deeply into the fatalism popular in some portions of the guild-clan. She is not afraid to risk her men as need be. She reacts to a potential new fighting maneuver or weapon much as a Librarian would react to a new book—with interest and a carefully concealed hunger to master it. She keeps no obvious lovers; she seems to have difficulty with relationships that are not simply expressed within a chain of command.

Kapta Visored

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