Low-Keeper Quire

The aged Archivian who sees to many of the secrets of the Library.


Low-Keeper Quire is a wizened Archivian — Library-speak for the pale dwarves that make up a portion of the guild-clan. His white beard is done up in light knots, and he wears very thick glasses over his quartz-colored eyes. He walks slowly, and has a distinctive quiet cough.

The Low-Keeper is one of the Librarians entrusted with some of the deepest vaults. He seems more interested in the city outside the Library gates than are most of his colleagues (with the exception of the Spinepullers’ second son), likely due to spending a portion of his long-ago youth out-of-doors. Typically conservative in many ways, he’s surprisingly accepting of radical suggestions such as the establishment of a Trade Union.

Low-Keeper Quire

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