12 - Baths of Blood and Venom
In which antivenom becomes the drink of choice, much is made of the use of snakes' blood, and a prisoner is freed to some concern.

The group prepares for a quick return to face the snakes led by Hessalich. Peluma is particularly active, both undergoing poison treatments at Milarcen’s hands to purge herself of her fever, and making inquiries about rats and snakes among the Night Sweepers, Sewerjacks and Battlemen. The rats are revealed to be a recurring but usually contained problem, while the serpents are a notably new threat. Dewlian and Sym consult the Book of Yellow, Red and Black to learn something of the rituals potentially at play.

When the union members make their descent, they are accompanied by the wretched Flump, who has been dispatched by Mickletart to guide them. He shows them the route to steam furnaces where water is heated to supply the Manses. The first skirmish against snake-man sentries is a particularly bloody one.

The trail leads to what appears to be an old subterranean bathhouse, possibly for the use of the nobles. A room full of many soaking tubs proves to have been converted to a room of amniotic vats, wherein new recruits are undergoing the alchemical conversion to snake-bloods. The group slays another group of sentries here.

A portal reveals the lair of Hessalich, a grotesquely mutated snake-blood alchemist. In his lair he keeps a captive as well, the drakaina Ketaspa who has apparently donated the blood for these transformations. Once Hessalich and his loyalists are dispatched, Peluma moves quickly to free Ketaspa despite the concerns of her companions. Ketaspa proves to be peaceful, if not precisely friendly, and offers some information to the Union: she was captured by their enemy the Locksmith, and she knows his goals. The Locksmith, indeed an apprentice to the Architects, is driven by a desire to see Tanglestone fully populated. He would see its buildings filled by anything and everything that could serve as a populace: boggarts, goblins, a plague of wererats, and all manner of things from Outside. The group ruminates on these issues even as they loot the lair.

11 - Driving the Snakes Out
In which a missing Detritus woman is sought for and found, a war beneath the streets is discovered, and something is learned about a snake's elbow.

With the information gained from Garbid, the group readies themselves for wererats. Dewlian attains silver quarrels from the Forges, and Peluma tracks Essaline into the Underlevels.

A number of rats, ranging from badger-sized to pony-sized, attack the group. Two turn out to be wererats, one of whom runs when the fight turns sour, the other of whom is captured. The group interrogates their captive and learns that the rats are at war with “snakes”. The recent recruiting drive was to bolster the colony’s numbers in the wake of snake attacks.

They have their captive bring them to the court of King Mickletart, where they propose a potential deal: they will assist the wererats in fighting the snakes, in exchange for Essaline being returned to the above levels. Mickletart explains what the rats know of the snake-men (who are apparently more man than snake) and of their leader Hessalich, described as “a young-eater.”

As they return to the surface with Essaline, they are ambushed at the site of their previous battle by a small band of the apparent “snakes.” Most appear largely human, but two seemingly can envenom their blades with their spittle, one possesses peculiar venom and charm powers, and one has a largely serpentine form. The fight is bloody. Examination of the corpses at the end reveals an interesting tattoo on the venom-charmer, of a snake with a lion’s head and bat or dragon wings — an image reminiscent both of House Crimson and House Ochre. The group is sufficiently battered that they retreat to rest above before pursuing Hessalich in his lair, though even the skills of Doctor Aconitia are insufficient to fully cleanse Peluma and Dewlian of their mild fever.

10 - Recruiting Drives
In which a not-quite-Doctor volunteers, poor knife skills are condemned, and a Night Drudge is pulled from the jaws of shadow.

Three days have passed. Peluma does research on House Umber’s guardians and the Battlemen, and discovers a secret about her guild-clan. The Trade Union begins the search for a union hall. Two Worm Rat goblins are found torn apart in the Plaza, and there are rumors of particularly large and dangerous rats in Detritus.

The Keepers debate whether or not to send a representative (or 18 representatives) as support for the Trade Union. Sym Stonessorrow, Caretaker of the Star, enthusiastically volunteers his services. He visits Dewlian, arriving before Peluma and Hinge appear for another hall-hunt.

The group visits Grommag Hackfat in the Kitchens, questioning him about Slobbet. Grommag tells them of Slobbet’s poor showing, and that he was kicked out at the same time as someone called Norkin. Peluma recognizes Norkin’s name as a Night Sweeper drudge.

In searching for Norkin, they find him under attack by a dark creeper and his shadow-pets. The dark ones attempt to silence the “witnesses,” but are slain, and Norkin is rescued. He tells them something of the man(?) who offered Slobbet the crown.

The next day, a messenger from Mathuulas the Collector delivers the appraisal. The staff had apparently been a possession of another collector, Inendo Pax of Tattergloom Hall, who has apparently been housebound and perhaps senile for the last few years.

The union visits Detritus, where they converse with the eyewitness Garbid about rats, and the disappearance of his neighbor Essaline.

9 - The Gates of House Umber
In which ledgers are consulted, a gate is opened, and discourses of various sorts are held with steam, a faceless man, and a tree.

The players train and recuperate. Hinge discovers something about his internal metallurgy.

The identity of the Filth King is discovered, and his trove is tallied. The dagger of House Crimson is identified; a painting is returned to House Indigo; the Befouled Crown is sealed away; and the Manses are researched.

The group opens the gates to House Umber, and begins to hunt for clues there. An Umber sentinel, some form of dead or possessed tree, gives them a tough fight.

Negotiate with a faceless creature that seems to have come from Outside.

Explore the gymnasium; battle against steam nymphets until an alarm is sounded.

8 - Court of the Filth King
In which an exciting ride is commandeered, a King is overthrown, a Crown reclaimed, and a very roundabout path home is taken.

The players evade and gain control of the Cleaner, and ride it into one of the outer rooms of the Sunken Court, smashing at least one filth ghoul under its bulk.

Sentries approach, and the players slay them.

The confrontation with the Filth King.

No small amount of gunk is sifted through.

Their packs loaded, the characters decide to ride the damaged Cleaner back to wherever it seeks to return. The ride carries them to a repair bay at the base of the Clock Tower. The facility contains bays for other Cleaners, or perhaps constructs of different nature. A peculiar clockwork construct resembling the upper portion of a dwarf descends on chains to begin repair of the Cleaner, and Hinge treats briefly with it. Feeling they have pushed their luck enough, the party steal their way to a mechanical lift and leave quietly, emerging onto the southern wall of Nobles’ Park with a long walk home.

7 - Trek to the Sunken Court
In which a Grandfather is slain, the sewerjacks render aid, and the perilous trek to the Filth King commences.

Forge rewards are given: the hammer “Flattener,” the sword “Hooded Viper,” a suit of forge mail, and an amulet bearing the Unoccluded Eye.

The Trade Union is proposed.

Baron Crumblecake holds an audience, and is talked into opening his library to Dewlian in exchange for the characters killing the immense bug “Grandfather.” Much sewerjack lore is unearthed.

The characters fight filth ghouls and a variety of slimes.

Another battle, with filth ghouls and “floaters” in an immense storm drain.

The Cleaner approaches.

6 - Forge Madness
In which a madness grips the people of the Forges, a Night Sweeper is rescued, and more perfidy comes to light.

Dewlian researches the Four Gates and the Engine.

Peluma receives a message from one of the Night Sweepers, describing trouble within the Forges and a suspected poisoning.

Dewlian is being treated for fever when Doctor Aconitia is asked to come to the Forges as well.

T’Kol is instructed to purchase a dagger.

The group instructs Aconitia and Milarcen to remain without, and infiltrates. A struggle with some of the maddened forge-prentices allows them to rescue Master Tenth, who is wounded. He provides them with an antidote.

The group works to subdue the crazed Fireboss Bellowsmelt. The antidote is administered.

5 - Rats in the Walls
In which children are abducted, Worm Rats writhe, and an Engine is fed.

Highdawn explains the rod’s connection to the Swa Nazmul, or the Four Gates. Dewlian makes notes to research these.

The library’s children report seeing white rats.

Caddera Drupe informs the Battlemen that three children have been abducted, with bone dolls left in their place. Hinge is assigned.

Goblins are hunted at the West Wall. An initial camp is discovered and butchered on the ramparts.

Within a tower on the wall, the characters encounter another batch of Worm Rats and rescue the children.

The leader of the Worm Rat party and his cohorts are discovered trying to tame an operational clockwork siege engine. They are defeated soundly, some bouncing off the roofs below.

4 - The Tower of Vanities
In which a tower dedicated to Vanity is explored, mischiefs are perpetrated, and an unusual discovery is made.

Conflict with a boggart “falconer” and his stirges at the exterior of the Tower of Vanities.

Fight with more boggarts, including a glamour-throwing bewitcher, in the mirror-walled first floor.

Discovery of the tower’s vault, and the clockwork peacock that serves as its gate. Many items taken, including a mirror shield and a quill of the muse. Discovery of an odd rod adorned with succubi.

The mirror-ghost on the middle level is dealt with.

3 - Appraisal and Complications
In which a Collector offers to appraise a staff, and mischief arises.

Players receive offer to have crystal staff appraised from Master Mathullas, a Collector.

The Collector’s agent dies en route back, and the investigation begins.

Boggarts attack the characters before they reach the Collector, demanding clothes and weapons.

Mathuulas explains that the creatures are after him because he possesses a key to a noble’s tower in the Nobles’ Park. The players set out to investigate the “mischief” they may be after.

Another conflict with boggarts ensues at the park’s entrance.


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