2 - Breaking the Blockage
In which the representatives return to the sewers, Frogs prove Perilous, and the clog in the drain puts up a fight.

Library research: The Cloacabula and Memoirs of a Rat-Catcher consulted.

Negotiate with the Mappers; meet “Key.” Chart provided.

Choose to travel through the reservoir, where frogs are encountered. Dewlian nearly devoured.

Entities of slime are confronted in the Locks.

Fight against a great worm of slime. Discover a hexagonal staff of gray, smoky glass.

1 - Flooding in the Cellar
In which a Petty Court is held to discuss a rising of waters in the cellars, and four notable citizens stand forth.

A Market Day, early fall. Business as usual for most of the guild-clans, but some are traveling on more serious business, to a Petty Court.

Recalcitrant Gaol-bound prisoners escape; brawl.

Petty Court. Representatives of Library, Battlemen, Spires, Mysteria, Shadow Cloisters, Catacombs, Kitchens, Sewerjacks. Discussion of rising waters and filth.

Players venture below; encounter oddly mutated frog-men and some sort of man-sized mud elemental. Find coprolith within remains of mud-man. Retreat to library to do more research.


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