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  • Filth King's Trove

    Sifting through the mounds of stuff that the still-growing Filth King had hoarded in his chamber, there lots of things that are clearly broken or useless, many things like rusty cogs that might never have a proper context established, and even some things …

  • Troves

    * The [[Filth King's Trove]] * [[Hessalich's Cult Trove]] * [[Candelabrum Remnants Loot]] * [[Armorback Ward Remnants Loot]]

  • Hessalich's Cult Trove

    Some of the alchemical equipment was damaged in the fight. The group is able to recover about 150g in ritual components from the unscorched tables. *Books:* Several, most of which are copies of works that also exist in the Library (not counting …