The Cooks are the reigning guild-clan of the Kitchens. They keep the larders, stoke the ovens, and prepare more food than they themselves need. The Cooks trade heavily with other guild-clans, as their prepared foodstuffs are much in demand. From the Kitchens come everything from simple pickles and baked bread to elaborate meals cooked to order.

The guild-clan is divided into several sub-clans representing different disciplines. The Butchers, for instance, see to the preparation of meat dishes, and have arguably the finest knife and cleaver skills in the Kitchens. There are reputed to be many other sub-clans, such as the Stokers (the pyromancers who tend to the Ovens), the Bakers (who are more carefully scientific in their craft), and the Sauciers.

Cooks must be able to cook well, of course. Some sub-clans emphasize the importance of knife skills, and have developed some fighting skill that coincides with their ability to dice, mince and filet. A skilled Cook should be able to prepare a fire under the most adverse of conditions, be able to distinguish edible from inedible foodstuffs, and optimally possess some level of poison tolerance.

A Cook is usually recognizable by his or her apron and knife and/or cleaver belts. A subtle system of tells allows each Cook to recognize one another by sub-clan, from the white boots of the Bakers to the screw-shaped stiletto of the Sommeliers.


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