The Doctors are smaller than most guild-clans, and have no holdings the size of the Library or the Forges. They claim descent from the Hospital’s guilders, to the south, but in the last few decades there has been no real contact with their brethren. Doctors tend to travel alone or with an orderly or two; some keep clinic-residences near another guild-clan’s holdings, the better to be reached in times of emergency.

Doctors are well-versed in a variety of medicines and healing techniques, and several have some knowledge of alchemy. They are prone to purchase the apprenticeships of promisingly bright children from other guild-clans, and it says something for the Doctors’ reputation that the other guild-clans find this an equitable arrangement.

Doctors are notable for wearing full robes, usually black, and a “doctor’s mask” that contains breathing filters. They will purchase the services of a Battleman guard if they are needed in a dangerous portion of the city, but most Doctors know a thing or three about defending themselves from the lesser-quality criminal. They are experts with long lancet-knives, after all, and not above using some of their special anesthetics to quell a troublemaker.

Central Tanglestone

The Doctors who reside in the Hospital have much greater numbers than those north of the Moat, and a more complicated hierarchy as a result. Full Doctors wear similar robes and masks, but in the Hospitaler color of white. The exceptions are the Chirurgeons, whose red robes denote their talents in surgery — and self-defense.


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