So little is known, even to the Library. Shelves of books claim to tell the tale of Tanglestone’s founding. What can be best believed?

Tanglestone was founded during a great war between the gods, a war that spilled out from Heaven and scarred the land. The gods built the city for their favored high in the mountains and taught the Architects the secrets of strengthening and maintaining its stones. There the chosen were kept safe even as the rest of the world fell to ruin.

Tanglestone was the vision of mighty sorcerer-scholars, who fled from threats unknown into the mountains where they built a fine city. The guild-clans each received a fragment of knowledge from these Architects, and when the Architects finally left, the city was passed on to the guilders to use as they saw best.

The valley in the mountains was once green and wild, a garden rich in wealth but also rich in fear. The Architects came from Outside to build a city for the people who struggled in this garden, giving them the gift of civilization.

Tanglestone is the Living City, a thing of sentient stone that withdrew into the mountains rather than become inert, dead stone like all other cities. Its many halls and passages are simply the old shells of its carapace. Its living heart still pulses, and it still grows. The Architects are not builders: they are shepherds.

Who knows?


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