The guild-clan of Librarians is modest in size, particularly depending on whether one considers the Dreaming Sages active and living guilders, or whether they’re more… equipment. The majority of Librarians are human; roughly half of these are towering individuals with skin like soft granite, while the other half are slim, more modestly built men and women with skin the color of pale ashes.

Of the remaining Librarians, most are Archivians — dwarves with similarly earthy gray skin and pale hair. The Archivians have long and powerful memories, and spend much of their time internalizing select books in their care.

There are many roles within the Library: scribes, caretakers, book-guides, bookbinders, papermakers, custodians and so on. The young of the Library serve as pages, running the simplest errands.

The most peculiar role within the Library is that of the Dreaming Scribes. These figures are virtually chained to their desks in the Grand Scriptorium, where they bend unceasingly over their works. The Dreaming Scribes do not eat or excrete, subsisting only on a small draught of a peculiar elixir given to them once a week. This admixture sustains the body and unchains the mind to roam. The results are most of the books that make up the Library, peculiar fictions that describe bizarre lands and impossible people. Some Librarians suspect that the Scribes see into Outside as they go, for indeed some of the texts seem to match tales told by those who’ve come over the mountains to the city. The senior Librarians constantly maintain that the work of the Dreaming Scribes is fiction, however. It would be impossible for all of it to be true, and sorting out the potentially accurate visions from the surreal fever dreams is essentially impossible.


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