The strong sense of work identity tends to mean that most guilders don’t envy other guild-clans their duties. This is particularly true whenever one compares one’s lot with the Sewerjacks.

The Sewerjacks, like the Battlemen and Night Sweepers, don’t tend to create so much as they patrol and remove problems. In their case, those problems have to do with the underways of Tanglestone. The sewers themselves are their domain, but so too many of the known access tunnels, storm drains and other underground passages. The Sewerjacks insist their job isn’t as bad as others would have it: the scattered population of Tanglestone doesn’t really produce near as much waste as the sewers themselves can handle, so it’s not really a slog through the filth most of the time.

The ideal sewerjack has a variety of talents: a knowledge of the underways and how to use them; some working knowledge of engineering, particularly the pumps and plumbing of the sewers; a generally robust resilience against sickness; some small amount of first-aid skill; and the ability to defend himself.

Typical sewerjack equipment may include a breathing mask (for those sections of the sewers where the waste accumulates), one or more “nosegays” (small vials of smelling salts that can revivify a beaten-down system), a hooked dredge-stick (a weapon as well as a tool), the similarly hooked utility-jack knife, and a variety of peculiar oddments. Their gear is usually mismatched and stained, but at least it’s washed ritually upon return from a patrol. Some sewerjacks befriend and train the largest and most intelligent rats of the underways.

The Sewerjacks have their heroes as well. The strongest, quickest, toughest and smartest sewerjack in any given generation is given the title of “Scourer.” A Scourer is as much warrior and champion as patroller and technician, and usually those who lead the hunt against the perennial rise of the Filth King. The most recent ‘jack to hold the title of Scourer is Memorabilia Jest, a canny woman who is currently “on walkabout” down in the more southern portions of the city.


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