Tanglestone's Religion

Religion doesn’t play quite as central a role in Tanglestone as it might Outside. The gods are seen as faceless, even abstract. They don’t even really have names.

Most of the popularly recognized gods are honored in the Mysteria. They are seen as the various patrons of the guild-clans, or impersonal forces that should be honored for luck. The immense statues in the Mysteria represent the Gods Above:

  • The Blade, god of metal
  • The Breath, god of healing
  • The Fang, god of beasts
  • The Fountain, goddess of birth
  • The Gate, goddess of death
  • The Jewel, god of luxuries
  • The Knot, goddess of love
  • The Lamp, god of learning
  • The Lyre, goddess of arts
  • The Moon, goddess of secrets
  • The Scepter, god of laws
  • The Shield, goddess of walls
  • The Sickle, goddess of the harvest
  • The Star, goddess of arcana
  • The Storm, god of weather
  • The Sun, god of light
  • The Tree, god of the green
  • The Wheel, goddess of luck

Nine more gods are honored in the dark vaults of the Shadow Cloisters. These, the Gods Below, are not as widely known. The Night Sweepers venerate the gods below in peculiar and personal ways, each taking a singular patron and paying reverence. The Gods Below are seen as a more negative force, but the Night Sweepers believe their rituals placate these dark figures and convince them to turn their anger from Tanglestone. They are:

  • The Axe, god of blood
  • The Chain, god of compulsion
  • The Corpse, goddess of vengeance
  • The Cowl, god of darkness
  • The Dagger, goddess of murder
  • The Scourge, goddess of pain
  • The Skull, god of sickness
  • The Talon, god of desecration
  • The Torch, goddess of madness

Tanglestone's Religion

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