Tattergloom Hall

With the passing of Inendo Pax, it is uncertain just what the legality of salvage may be regarding her home and her collection. The Library has no records of heirs registered to her name. Perhaps some in House Magenta may choose to exert a claim on her goods, if they can bestir themselves out of their Manse. But Tattergloom Hall itself seems to be without a proper claimant.

The manor is extensive. Odd bits of junk litter all the furniture here and there to varying degree. Much of the art is not of any particular quality: it seems that a Collector is prone to pick up an inexpert but interesting bit of Kitchens scrimshaw or a young Harvester’s whittling work and display both next to a finely sculpted bronze statuette.

Grounds: It’s difficult to tell what the original forms of the topiary beasts were meant to be; they’re strangely formed after years of overgrowth. Untended rosebriars crowd neglected paths. The fountain out front needs cleaning desperately; it depicts heavily cloaked figures with water vessels, some bat-winged, some bird-winged, some with snakelike tails.

Porch: Caryatid and telamon pillars supporting the roof (which in turn supports a widow’s walk above). Scything blades trap (currently disarmed). The doorknockers on the front doors are done in the form of blindfolded medusa heads.

Foyer: Old furniture. A few works of art depicting imaginary landscapes. A variety of busts. Two hatracks piled with cloaks. The door to the parlor has been burned through.

Reading Room: Bookcases, half-sacked. A number of books are either works in progress or glitchy, half-finished works: ruined by an ink spill or the scribe going mad partway through completion. Dreaming Scribes works, and apparently a dose of their draught. At least one false book that contains a poison gas trap.

Dining Room: An immense table, decorated along its edges with boars and stags frolicking among grapevines and mushrooms. An eclectic collection of tapestries and mismatched candlesticks and candelabras.

Kitchen: Large fireplace with oven, fueled by elemental engine in basement. A fair amount of cutlery (some of it recently blood-stained). A dwindling store of old provisions, largely preserved.

Parlor: Miscellany, including a number of objects of clothing and more bits of random carvings and statuary. A chair covered in belts and a shelf set with a variety of boots.

Solarium: Withered, mostly dead plants. Many cages. Some animal skeletons wired together (some in cages). Patio furniture.

Drawing Room: Odd forms of armor, some fitted for distinct non-humans (such as a “helmet” that’s really more of a champron for a beast’s head). The armor is in generally poor repair. Maps of individual dwellings, a few odd compasses and a bizarre sextant, globes of peculiar planets.

Servants’ Quarters: Each of the servant’s quarters is currently “occupied”—the corpse of one of the manor’s servants has been mummified and laid out on its bed, with an assortment of grave goods set out in the room. At present each set of quarters seems more like a tomb than a bedroom.

Lower Gallery: A variety of paintings, locked into trapped frames. Some oddments from Crafter Block as well.

Upper Gallery: Two statues, one of a drakaina, one of a dragon-headed man. Two vaults, rated at “highly dangerous” from an initial inspection of the likely traps. Art along the walls depicting peculiar dreamscapes and nightmares. The electric orrery attached to the ceiling.

Master Bedroom: Lavishly hung with a multitude of fine fabrics; about half of the drapes, curtains and bedding is done in shades of purple, with the rest in a variety of creams, golds, reds, blues and greens. The immense four-poster bed is hung about with dark purple, almost black lace, and its bedposts are carved like spiraling snakes with the heads of women. A variety of personal effects and cabinetry, mostly baubles. A fireplace run off the same elemental power that drives the kitchen. The entire room smells musty and faintly mildewed.

Wardrobe: Just off the master bedroom, the wardrobe is a walk-in area with mirror-covered panels. They conceal a collection of women’s clothing, mostly in blacks and dark greys with varying levels of purple trim.

Apartments: There are five bedrooms other than the master bedroom. Each one seems to have an odd, almost guild-clan, motif to the assorted goods that have been mounted on the walls, piled on the furniture and stacked on the musty bed. The general motifs seem to be the Orchards (horticultural tools and odd woodwork), the Mysteria (a collection of holy symbols, vestments, and religiously inspired work), the Theatre (fanciful costumes, masks, scripts, posters), the Forges/Crafters (many tools, aprons, etc, peculiar bits of forgework), and what might be the Doctors (alchemical apparati of all sorts, unusual scientific tools, anatomical and herbal charts).

Widow’s Walk: A small set of wrought-iron patio furniture, a sundial, and an astrologer’s telescope mounted to the floor, all three of which are in need of cleaning and maintenance.

Music Room: Many instruments, some familiar, some not. Woodwinds from the Orchards, drums from the Forges, a set of bells from the Kitchens. Odd musical instruments seen only in the works of the Dreaming Scribes. Bone flute and panpipes, perhaps from the harpies of the mountains. An elaborate music box decorated with a motif of horned, goat-legged women. A strange cross between a glockenspiel and a harpsichord. Stacks of sheet music. A few books on musical instruments; three opera librettos.

Study: Pax’s body was found here. The study seemed to be where she stored items of a clockwork and mechanical nature, but it was heavily looted—cabinets broken open, items carried off. Some lesser bits of salvage remain, including the gutted shell of some sort of crablike automaton with a drinks tray.

Attic: Piles of crates, some empty, some full. This seems to be where the least interesting elements of her collection were stored: mostly junk and entirely mundane things like mismatched dishes or old boots.

Cellar: A number of different rooms: an elemental furnace that feeds the kitchen and master bedroom; a large “wine cellar” with a variety of bottled goods and three immense barrels (all potentially trapped); a small bath chamber with heatable water; a well; a “utility room” with running water and a disposal chute; a passage leading down into the sewers.

Tattergloom Hall

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