The Architects

Very little is known about the minds who built Tanglestone. As best as can be gathered, the Architects were a group of powerful individuals who foresaw a form of cataclysm in the future, and built the city to withstand it and protect its people. It is unknown whether the cataclysm has taken place or not: Tanglestone simply is. The Architects have no names even in the oldest books that refer to them, only titles. They are known to have taken apprentices to carry on their work; it is uncertain whether the Architects died or left once doing so. It seems unlikely that they could have lived so long, but all things are possible in the city.

The Seer: Believed to be the one who foresaw the cataclysm, the Seer gathered the Architects together and played a role in designing the city and its purpose. One of the more enigmatic figures among the Architects.

The Shaper: The Shaper is credited with pioneering much of the stonework techniques that allowed the city to be built without an army of workers. He or she is also allegedly tied into the creation of food sources that allow the city to be sustained.

The Machinist: By old accounts, the Machinist built many of the clockwork systems that defend and maintain the city, such as the autoballistae on the walls and the Cleaners that move through the sewers. Recent exploration has confirmed that the Clock Tower was designed for the purpose of manufacturing and maintaining such clockworks, including the most remarkably sophisticated individuals such as Hinge and Hasp. The Machinist established a system for her apprentices to care for the Clock Tower and its attendant functions for periods of 500 years, after which another caretaker would be chosen; this system would finally break down when the caretaker known as the Locksmith went mad.

The Gatemaker: Little is known of the Gatemaker and his or her function. One theory has it that this Architect oversaw the construction of the Grand Gate in central Tanglestone. Another has it that the Gatemaker was the Architect most familiar with the far reaches of Outside, and crafted the seals meant to keep the city safe. A third theory holds that he or she was responsible for bringing the initial population of Tanglestone through gates to the city once it was ready for them.

The Instructor: According to legend, the Instructor taught the first residents of Tanglestone the crafts they would need to flourish in the city. This Architect is likely responsible for the founding of guild-clans and the establishment of many of their special skills.

The Dreamer: Another enigmatic figure, some accounts claim that the Dreamer was responsible for the establishment of the Mysteria and Shadow Cloisters, and other houses to the faceless gods. Volumes of oneiromancy in the Library suggest that the Dreamer oversaw the creation of a protective dreamscape for the City, locking away nightmares from Outside. The Dreaming Scribes may also have their origin in this Architect’s efforts.

The Architects

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