The Gaol

The Gaol (pronounced “jail,” of course) is respectably immense and forbidding, as befits a structure of its ilk. No small amount of effort has gone into constructing and maintaining its architectural presence. Its builders clearly wanted those who stand in its shadow to feel a vague sense of unease and dread, and for the most part, they were successful.

Of course, the Gaol itself is much like the rest of Tanglestone: built at a scale to serve the needs of a population some twenty or more times the size of the existing populace. The Gaolers are a small yet dedicated guild-clan who are very concerned with keeping a proper complement of prisoners. The great majority of oubliettes, dungeon levels and cell blocks all stand empty. Most prisoners, those that are well-behaved and those who are there of their own volition (see below) are kept in the comparatively pleasant section of the Reprimands. More dangerous prisoners and criminals are kept under higher security, in the harsher section of the Rebukes. The very worst are taken to the Oublia, locked away in all-but-forgotten cells deep in the dungeon levels where not even their names are remembered.

The question of where prisoners come from is a perennial one for the Gaolers. They speak nostalgically of a time when the stream of prisoners came regularly from a benevolent Judge figure, but in the modern day are forced to make do by purchasing prisoners at market. Captured enemies such as Underlevel cannibals or invading goblins are sometimes handed over to the Gaolers, but many of their prisoners are there under contract. Sometimes a down-on-his-luck individual will agree to be a prisoner for an agreed-upon amount of time, essentially receiving three meals a day from the Gaolers at the expense of his freedom.

The Gaol produces very little, yet somehow the Gaolers manage to survive. They seem to have a sufficiency of resources, mostly trading raw metal to the Forges and odd trinkets to other guild-clans. They also trade food with the Kitchens, sending particularly delightful mushrooms or odd little blind albino vermin from their deeper tunnels. While the Gaol certainly appears grim and barren, it apparently has a few secrets to life within its stones.

The Gaol

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