Zodiac Golems

The Scholarium of Central Tanglestone, among its many other duties, claims responsibility for the upkeep and guidance of fifteen powerful golems designed to keep the city safe. These golems are built of rare stone and astral-infused stargems, in the likeness of the fifteen zodiacal signs. Many are at present lost or unaccounted for, at least to the Scholarium’s knowledge.

Louhos, the Owl: Active. Guards the Scholarium.

Gurse, the Bear: Active. Guards the Scholarium.

Renunne, the Fox: Disposition and location unknown.

Archelos, the Dragon Turtle: Formerly trapped in Armorback Ward; at present undergoing maintenance at the Scholarium.

Fulzos, the Thunderbolt: Reputed to be damaged and wandering the streets south of the Servants’ Quarter.

Caeros, the Chariot: Damaged or uncontrolled; patrolling the streets around the Gardens, Stables and Baths.

Therne, the Stag: Disposition and location unknown.

Erythres, the Phoenix: Semi-active. Being tended to at the Scholarium.

Arios, the Dolphin: Semi-active. Being tended to at the Scholarium.

Teshra, the Maiden: Disposition and location unknown.

Corva, the Raven: Believed damaged. Last seen near the Artists’ Quarter.

Jaegus, the Hunter: Disposition unconfirmed. Believed to be guarding the Museum.

Morricu, the Banshee: Disposition unknown. Reputed to be in the Arena.

Shalass, the Shark: Disposition unknown. Last known location the Moat.

Oroboros, the Serpent: Disposition and location unknown.

Zodiac Golems

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