Boggarts are small, humanoid fey from the Overworld with a penchant for mischief. They’d be classified as a nuisance if they weren’t actually so dangerous; boggarts enjoy breaking things among their other sources of amusement, and they classify “people” under the heading of “things that are entertaining to break.” They are also known as “knockers” or “tappers,” as they enjoy misleading wanderers with tapping noises that echo through the streets.

A boggart is roughly three to four feet tall, its sharply exaggerated features somewhere between those of a goblin and those of an elf. They come in a variety of colorations, usually with skin a pale shade of yellow-green or purplish, and hair a dark brown or dyed in a variety of garish shades. Being principally creatures of the Overworld, they have strong innate magical power, typically in the form of glamours that deceive the eyes. They are not particularly vulnerable to iron, though iron shackles will negate a boggart’s fey magics and cause it to howl loudly and incessantly.

Perhaps most worrisome, boggarts have been known to act as something of a harbinger for the other denizens of the Overworld. Some have brought dangerous beasts through, setting them loose to watch the fun. And if enough boggarts find something to entertain themselves, the gentry of Faerie may follow them to investigate the local possibilities.

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