The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in northern Tanglestone is one of the tallest structures in the city, its only peer the Spires. To most of the residents, the Clock Tower seems to exist only to chime out the hours each day and night. But it also serves a secondary purpose tied to the mechanisms of the city. The Cleaners that dredge out major blockages from the sewers seem to have their origin in an assembly room in the lower levels of the structure, where they return for maintenance or repairs when badly damaged. At present it’s uncertain what other clockwork constructs may have been tied to the Clock Tower, though it seems likely that some of the most advanced individuals such as Hinge and Hasp were created there.

The Clock Tower seems to at one time to have been home to the Machinist, and subsequently has been entrusted to a series of caretakers. Each caretaker is instructed in the upkeep of the tower by the Voice of the Machinist, a construct built into the tower’s map room that acts as an archive for information and lore important to the operation of the tower. The caretakers were granted a limited form of immortality, serving for 500 years before choosing and instructing a successor.

The Clock Tower has both stairs and clockwork lifts that run much of its length. The lowest levels are the subterranean facilities that service the Cleaners. Above those are the machining and assembly floors that have been used to create new constructs. The next floors house a variety of rooms, many of which seem to have been set aside for potential visitors that never came. Most notable in these floors are the map room where the Voice of the Machinist is affixed, and a secret lounge which seems to have served as the Machinist’s personal quarters, or an area where she entertained guests. From there, the Clock Tower opens up into a central well until it reaches the mechanisms of the great clock itself. The personal quarters of the current caretaker are attached to chains, and can move vertically through the tower.

At present, the Clock Tower is without a caretaker, its last having gone mad and unleashing several dangers on the city before being put down.

The Clock Tower

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